Hello (: I'm an American college student pursuing a degree in nutrition and planning on becoming a registered dietitian. This is basically my place to find inspiration for my neverending journey to achieve ultimate health and fitness. I’m trying to gain a little muscle and trying to reach a goal weight of 115 lbs by the end of November (I’m 5’6, and about 125 at the moment)
I’m not technically vegetarian but I very rarely eat any kind of meat and I often substitute vegetable or soy/tofu based products for dairy, so I follow a lot of vegan blogs. I post a lot of food, health tips, and bodies which inspire me…and the occasional cozy sweater or cat picture. Oh, and I looove to chat anything nutrition related (or not nutrition related)…message me!

xoxo, alexa

GW1: 118
GW2: 115
UGW: solid muscle stomach, more toned upper arms and leaner legs.

last workout: 11/15